Weekend Plans

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Happy Saturday, and we hope everyone's having a great weekend! 

We all know that weekends are the best time to work on our car, and the work can be incredibly rewarding. Whether it's washing your baby, doing some interior work, or slapping on a turbo, there's always something to be done. 

Of course we recommend getting a set of lugs from us and taking an entire weekend to install them and stare longingly at your wheels.. but that's just us. You can shop for lug nuts here!

We're here local to Dallas, TX, and there's a large car scene in the area. Many of these folks have become our friends and really have become family. Weekends are great times to get out there and find meets, shows, and find new friends.

What are you doing this weekend with your car? Let us know and show us some pics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Make sure to use #wesellnuts and #thelugnutsource in your posts! 

Want to show off your loyalty to our nutty movement? Then you can also get shop our selection of apparel here.


Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you

-The Lug Nut Source

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