New Product Alert: VMS Racing Spiked Lug Nuts

Posted by John O'Brien on

The world is pining for spiked lug nuts these days. Well, at least, some of you are. And for that, we are proud to announce that we now are partnered with VMS Racing to offer their spiked lug nuts!

These little things are quite a neat idea, and we think they look rather cool and unique. Unlike a lot of spiked lug nuts on the market, VMS uses forged steel for their lug nuts vs aluminum. We like this approach because it allows for the lug to remain sturdy and un-damaged. The spiked caps are made out of CNC machined aluminum, and screw right on to the lug nut after the lug is on the wheel, therefore virtually eliminating all chances of a scuffed spike. 

They are available in TONS of colors, and pretty soon we'll have their Bullet and Lined style spikes up on our site as well. You can browse our selection of them here! 

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If these don't happen to fit your style, we welcome you to check out the rest of our assortment! 

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