Ever feel like you're forgetting something?

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It's no secret, we all forget things in life. I've been dealing with that lately, as The Lug Nut Source is preparing to sponsor our first event this coming Saturday. We're excited! Yet there are so many little details that I've been finding it hard to keep up.  

We're the new kids on the block, and the new kids are always going to want to try new things, test new theories, and in my case sell millions of lug nuts in the first couple months of business. But this mindset has led me to forget something and that something is that this is supposed to be FUN! So while the preparation for this event on Saturday has been a bit of whirlwind, I am determined to have fun with it. 

Pro tip: Don't wait until the last minute to order t-shirts. They get expensive. 

What event might I be talking about you ask? That would be Block Party happening this Saturday, October 1st, at the campus of Universal Technical Institute in Irving, TX. It is a FREE event, and well over a thousand people are expected. We'll be there and so should you!(assuming you're in Texas that is). Bring out your ride!

We're going to have quite a few sets of lugs on hand for the event, from Muteki, Mishimoto, VMS Racing(spiked lug nuts, baby!), and for the Euro folks, some lug bolts! If we don't have it on hand, we'll order it and get it shipped to your door. There will absolutely be some specials going on, and a giveaway to boot! Sign up for the mailing list and get entered for a chance to win a $50 gift-card that can be used at any time at our store. 

And of course we'll have the very first run of our Lug Nut Source t-shirts, available at a mad decent price, yo. I'd really just love a chance to meet you, and a chance to hear about your car. I started this company as an enthusiasts to help serve other enthusiasts on their journey to the perfect build.

Am I forgetting anything? Who knows.


See you Saturday! 

John - Founder, The Lug Nut Source

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