Project Kics R26 Lug Nuts

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This is the latest in lug nut technology from Project Kics of Japan. Endorsed by Japanese race teams, these seven sided heptagonal lug nuts come in a complete set of 16 lugs + 4 locks. The unique tapered two piece design allows the top of the lug to spin freely from the bottom ring, thus greatly reducing the chance of scratching your wheels and producing a much stronger hold. Made of lightweight materials, these open ended lugs fit on both standard and extended studs. The entire set weighs just shy of 2 lbs! These are great lugs for street and track enthusiasts.


  • Ultra light-weight - Only 26 Grams!
  • Thin-wall construction using strong OEM quality materials
  • Oversized and taper seat to ensure best contact
  • External drive by popular 17mm hex for easier installation
  • Full stud engagement and can accommodate long racing studs
  • Reliable and stronger than aluminum racing nuts
  • Lug body produced by Cold-Forged SCM-435 material
  • Attached rotating taper-seat made with A7075-T6 aluminum and ultra-hard alumite finish
  • Japan and USA patent applied
  • Available in Black and Neo Chrome Finishes
  • 12x1.25 and 12x1.50 thread pitches available 

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