Project Kics Monolith T1 M12 & M14 Lug Nut Caps

  • $38.00
  • Save $-1.77

If you own a set of the KICS Monolith Open-Ended Lug Nuts, then protect your investment with the KICS Monolith Lug Nut Caps. These plastic caps have been designed to keep moisture and debris from entering your open-ended lug nuts to provide extra protection to both your lug nuts and the wheel stud.

Comes in set of 20 pieces, or individually for replacements.

ATTENTION:   While most of our parts are in stock and ready to ship, some parts may require shipping from Japan, which can result in a 4-8 week lead time.
Please contact us prior to placing your order, if you would like to confirm availability.

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