BLOX Racing 7-Sided Forged Titanium Lug Nuts

BLOX Racing 7-Sided Forged Titanium Lug Nuts

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7-sided BLOX Racing lug nuts are forged from high quality titanium then machined to precise thread pitch specifications. BLOX Racing has spent countless hours designing, engineering and testing each of their lug nut designs so that any car enthusiast can count on lifelong reliability from their lugs.

These lug nuts are an amazing visual addition to any set of wheels, and are the perfect finishing touch to add to your wheel set up. 


  • 7-sided lug nut offers a unique shape
  • Socket key is included with lug nut sets
  • Hand heat-treated for a truly unique finish
  • Thread pitch: 12x1.25 or 12x1.50
  • Length: 44.1mm
  • Seat: 24mm
  • 60 degree tapered

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